I Spy…

27 10 2014

Theatrical arts are always more enjoyable when you can spy on your fellow audience members with your opera glasses. This pair is on the lower end of the cost spectrum, but they are embossed with an ancient Egyptian scene of various figures, offering tables, and hieroglyphs.

opera glasses


21 10 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis early twentieth century decorative hair comb is rather crudely executed, but still quite stunning – molded from faux tortoise shell plastic studded with brilliant rhinestones, depicting an Egyptian person strumming a harp amongst papyrus plants.

Queen Kitty

14 10 2014

Here is my Halloween card this year. Thanks, mom and dad! Thanks, designers at Party Animals Recycled Paper Greetings!

cat card


6 10 2014

1938 bath time at its best – relaxing in a tubful of suds and scrubbing the scales off your back with this elegant Catalin (a plastic related to Bakelite) brush embellished with a ‘cameo’ of an Egyptian princess. One of the ad insets explains the design: Created exclusively for Ivory Soap by Lurelle Guild, famous designer and decorator – Lurelle Guild says: “In designing this brush I was inspired by the famous design of ancient Egypt…a beautiful and classic motif immortalized by artists throughout the ages.”

ER bath brush

Egyptian Fashionista

17 09 2014

This late Victorian era trade card advertises the establishment of N. Turner, purveyor of ladies’ fine shoes and slippers, in Auburn, NY.  Note the melding of Oriental themes, which included anything from the East – in this case, a mashup of the most recognizable monuments of ancient Egypt (the Great Sphinx, a pyramid, obelisks, and the kiosk temple on the island of Philae), with a portrait of a non-ancient Egyptian (perhaps Turkish) maiden.

Turner trade card

Syncopated Steppers

3 09 2014

This segment of a dance program is devoid of Egyptianizing motifs, but announces that the Egyptian Syncopators, “direct from Montmarte cafe Paris, appearing for the first time in Chicago (directed by King Tut)” will be playing at the New Union Ball Room on November 21st, 1923.

Park dance program-detail

Mr. Jack Meets the Mummy

25 08 2014

This 1906 postcard features a clever illustration of Mr. Jack, then-famous cartoon character created by Jimmy Swinnerton – a cartoonist whose history you can read about here; during the Mr. Jack years, he worked for the New York Journal. Here, Mr. Jack is shown with an animated mummy case and the witty phrase, “Should auld acquaintance be forgot?”

Mr. Jack postcard


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