The Pharoah From the Future

29 08 2012

It’s 1963 and the Fantastic Four are at the mercy of Rama-Tut.  Susan Storm attempts to elude the creep by using her powers of invisibility, but alas!  She isn’t wearing her unstable molecule costume, so her clothes are still visible!  Only a few seconds away from being grabbed and re-imprisoned, how will she escape?  Will she be able to save her friends?  Can Rama-Tut be destroyed for good?







Snap Out of It

23 07 2012

Lyrics – J. Will Callahan

Music – Lee S. Roberts

Publisher – Forster Music Publisher Inc., Chicago, 1919

Pale moonlight!
A wond’rous night!
My fancy takes its flight to Rainbow Isle;
Swaying trees, a truant breeze
All bring you to me just for a while.

Cleo, I see only you,
And the dream makes me lonesome and blue,
Brings back that moment divine
When I fancied your heart answered mine;
Cleo, ’twill be only you
And I’d give all this world if you knew,
Just how I’m yearning,
And wait your returning,
Come back to me,
My Cleo, do!

Some June night
Love’s magic light
May guide your boat aright to Rainbow Isle;
O’er the sea of memory
Sometime in the golden Afterwhile.

Cleo, I see only you,
And the dream makes me lonesome and blue,
Brings back that moment divine
When I fancied your heart answered mine;
Cleo, ’twill be only you
And I’d give all this world if you knew,
Just how I’m yearning,
And wait your returning,
Come back to me,
My Cleo, do!

My Egyptian Queen

13 03 2012

Lyrics – Richard Carle

Music – Robert Hood Bowers

Publisher – M. Witmark & Sons, various locations

The Maid and the Mummy is the name of a musical comedy from 1904.  Unfortunately the song represented here is ‘I Fell in Love With Polly’, the lyrics of which have no reference to Egypt, and therefore are not transcribed for your reading pleasure.  

It is of interest to note the other song titles, as listed on the cover – only one has an Egyptian theme:

No Doubt You’d Like to Cuddle up to Baby
Whenever I Visit the Town
The Lion and the Lamb
It’s Great to be Crazy
Peculiar Julia
My Egyptian Queen
Dame Rumor
Maggie Got Another Situation
I’m So Dizzy
Sad Experiences
My Gasoline Automobile

Cleopatra! Rome! Farewell!

21 01 2012

Lyrics (Poem) – W.H. Lytle
Music – Armand
Publisher – A.E. Blackmar, New Orleans – 1865

I am dying, Egypt, dying,
Ebbs the crimson life-tide fast,
And the dark Plutonian shadows
Gather on the evening blast;
Let thine arms, Oh! Queen, support me,
Hush thy sobs and bow thine ear,
Listen to the great heart secrets
Thou, and thou alone must hear.

Tho’ my scarred and vet’ran legions,
Bear their eagles high no more,
Tho’ my wreck’d and scatter’d galleys,
Strew dark Actium’s fatal shore,
Tho’ no glitt’ring guards surround me,
Proud to do their master’s will,
I must perish like a Roman,
Die, the great Triumvir still.

Let not Caesar’s servile minions
Mock the Lion thus laid low,
‘Twas no foeman’s hand that fell’d him,
‘Twas his own that dealt the blow:
Dear, then pillow on thy bosom,
Ere a star shall loose its ray,
Him who drunk with thy caresses
Madly flung a world away.

Should the base plebeian rabble
Dare assail my fame at Rome,
Where the noble spouse Octavia
Weeps within her widowed home,
Seek her, say the Gods have told me,
Altars, augurs, circling wings,
That her blood with mine commingled
Yet shall mount the throne of kings.

And for thee, star-eyed Egyptian,
Glorious sorceress of the Nile,
Light the paths to Stygian horrors
With the splendors of thy smile;
Give the Caesar crowns and arches
Let his brow, the laurel twine,
I can scorn the senate’s triumph,
Triumphing in love like thine.

I am dying, Egypt, dying,
Hark th’insulting foeman’s cry,
They are coming! quick, my falchion!
Let me front them ere I die.
Ah! no more amid the battle
Shall my heart exulting swell,
Isis and Osiris guard thee,
Cleopatra! Rome! Farewell!

All Tied Up

23 07 2011

1966 – Wonder Woman is turned into a mummy by the Curse of Cleopatra!  In this issue, the lines between past and future blur while Wonder Woman films a movie about the ancient past.  Worlds collide, romance is kindled, and disaster is once again narrowly averted.  What a week!









What a Whopper

25 06 2011

Lyrics – Curtis A. Duval
Music – Curtis A. Duval
Publisher – Will Rossiter, Chicago – 1906

The Pyramids of Egypt have occasioned lots of talk
because no one can say who put them there.
Sampson’s hand, ‘tis said, was in it, but it wasn’t for a minute,
he had trouble of his own elsewhere.
I’ll tell you how it came about, but don’t allow the truth to out,
or else I might be thought a pelf.
On a winter’s night in June when the sun obscured the moon,
 I stole out there and put them up myself.

I’m the kid that built the Pyramid, I’m the kid, (He’s the kid,)
And I am sure it is about the greatest thing I ever did, (He ever did,)
I put it up in just a single night, with the stars above my only light,
I’m the kid that built the Pyramid, (He’s the kid,)

I built the Sphynx and put her on her throne out in the desert
and I caused the River Nile to flow.
Forty thousand barrels, to a dot, of sweat I lost, it was so hot,
a working on that old scarecrow.
And now my perspiration travels over all creation,
for the River Nile is it – you see.
If you’re asked who built the ark, don’t say me, I ain’t that mark,
 but credit just the Pyramids to me.


I built the tow’r of Babel and it was a “bummy” job,
but then I had a “tide” aboard that day.
I constructed it lopsided, which the Natives much derided
and with jeers they drove me far away.
My courage nigh forsook me when that gang of Arabs shook me
in the desert – wasn’t that a plight?
But an inspiration came, to perpetuate my name -
I raised the mighty Pyramids that night.


Will the Real Cleopatra Please Stand Up?

2 04 2011

Cleopatra – has there ever been a historical figure more misunderstood or grossly misrepresented?  More importantly, are the cinematic depictions of her EVER going to stop?  Seriously folks, Cleo-mania might as well be the eleventh plague of Egypt.

Ever since moving pictures were invented,  they have continued the theatrical tradition of actresses vying to prove they’re the bomb by starring as this legendary character.  Because, as we all know, there is no greater proof of a woman’s worth than her sexuality and ability to manipulate others with it.  (Yawn).  Her supposedly clever political machinations aside (personally I think she was more of a tool), the exhaustive main focus of these movies has never been her mind.  Rather, it has been on a pair of objects located a bit south of her mind.

Elizabeth Taylor’s 1963 role was one of the most lavish of all time.  That the film was shot in color certainly reinforced this – Claudette Colbert’s 1934 version was probably equally beautiful, but we’ll never know since the film is in black & white.  One of the more interesting aspects of all these Cleopatra films is how they serve as a cultural reflection of feminine beauty.  Theda Bara may have shown the most skin while wearing her costumes in 1917, but she was more plump than was popular in later decades.  Liz Taylor’s costumes follow the artificial hourglass shape of the mid 1900’s, and in many cases resemble modern gowns more than ancient ones.  Now rumor has it that Angelina Jolie is about to jump into the Cleo menagerie, in which case historical accuracy will once again be sacrified – Angie is far too buff and angular for this role.


Items pictured are from my collection -
top: Life Magazine (International), Oct. 1961
bottom: 1963 booklet about Cleopatra, starring Elizabeth Taylor


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