Thank God it’s Friday….

19 03 2010

I thought this would be an appropriate post before I escape for the weekend, or not, as I have a pile of laundry and other chores to do.  Today’s feature is an ad from 1960, proclaiming the wondrous effects of a new invention called Muzak.  Yes, that’s right – they actually thought it was a good thing once upon a time.  The  reference to ancient Egypt seems random until you read the text, which states: “The ancient Egyptians measured time with sundials to set the exact moments when music from lutes and horns heightened the attention of worshippers at temple rites.  It’s a far cry from Osiris’ temples to the ten modern offices of Glendale Federal Savings and Loan Association in Glendale, California.  Here Muzak’s precision-timed, minute-by- minute work-motivation music has increased employee efficiency and added greatly to customer satisfaction.”  “We are highly pleased with Muzak’s results,” said Mr. J. E.  Hoeft, President of the $330,000,000 Association, sixth largest of its kind in America.  “Our employees tell us that Muzak seems to make their work go faster and better by creating a happy atmosphere that helps to do away with tension and fatigue.  Their increased efficiency has proved that they are right.  Our customers say that Muzak helps make Glendale Federal a friendly, cheerful place to do business – and that’s exactly what we’ve stressed since our doors first opened for business in 1934.”




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