“The Most Striking New Thing in Automobile Design the World Has Seen”

22 03 2010

That’s quite a bold statement made in this 1929 advertisement for Chrysler’s “new styling”.  I’m always tickled by the deep psychological insights that one often finds in ads from this time period, such as “this new Chrysler smartness…has done much to make Chrylser cars so attractive to women, as well as to men.  It is particularly the natural desire of women that in…their daily life they shall be surrounded with things that reflect the newest of new fashion.”  I would have purchased this ad for the lovely imagery alone, but Chrylser really drove it home (horrible pun fully intended) with the following detail and accompanying text: “The Chrysler front elevation indicates the influence of the Egyptian lotus leaf motif – still found in all its pristine beauty on the ruins of of the great temples at Karnak.  Modified to its modern application, it is perfectly proportioned, and applied with consummate artistry in blending beauty and utility.”




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