Jazz and the Sphinx

26 03 2010

A selection of the lyrics from “When the Jazz Band Plays on the River Nile”
Lyrics – John Mulgrew & Boyle Woolfolk
Music – Boyle Woolfolk
Publisher – Metropolis Music Co., New York
Date – 1917

The crockadile comes up and then forgets about his cares,
He linngers all the ev’ning just to hear those funny airs,
The pelican then opens up his bill in wide surprise
The fish he saved for midnight lunch all leave before he’s wise,
They’ll never catch an ostrich there for many, many moons,
He doe’sn’t hide his head no more for fear he’ll miss the tunes,
That syncopated music turns the lion to a lamb
The lamb gets so ferocious that he doesn’t give a slam.

When that Jazz band plays on the river Nile,
All Egypt’s maids are there in style,
The old jinks Sphynx winks at maidens trim,
He thinks they are ragging there just for him,
Oh they’ve learnt each kind of step we do,
From “walk the dog” to “hitchycoo”,
They learn new ways when the Jazz band plays,
Down on the river Nile.




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