One Gallon Could Lift the Sphinx

27 03 2010

We all have a list of things we would try to save in event of a fire.  As far as my Egyptomania collection is concerned, this unused billboard poster (actually a group of eight pieces) for Sinclair Power-X fuel from the 1950s is at the top of my list.  If I had a wall large enough, it would be on display.  But I don’t, so it remains neatly folded as it has for the last few decades, miraculously having survived the scrap heap and less than ideal storage conditions.  What a perfectly wonderful example of the free-form inspirations behind advertising art.  A crane of cosmic proportions uprooting one of the most iconic man-made monuments on earth, witnessed by two modern youths in a fabulous car?!  Unknown artist, I salute you.




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