Sweet Tooth

28 04 2010

Mmmm, sugar….today’s eye candy consists of three advertisements and one promotional pin, all featuring a range of cavity inducing treats over a span of several decades.  First up is Welch’s Cocoanut candy bar, c. 1945.  The rather generic ad is enlivened by a cartoon in the upper left corner, and a rhyme “What Egypt needs”, said Old King Tut, “Is plenty of Welch’s cocoanut!”  Second is a 1950s Milky Way ad, where the Sphinx is enjoying a rather large version of the gooey treat.  I’m not sure who peeled the wrapper for him, but hey, let’s not split hairs.  Third is a pin promoting Curtiss Caramels, which apparently were so scrumptious that they were celebrated for an entire month – and the Sphinx states “I can’t keep silent any longer – Curtiss Caramels are delicious.”  Last, but not least, is a particularly clever but creepy ad for Skittles (from this decade) depicting a newly discovered tomb – note how the wall mural of eyes, winged sun disc (emblazoned with an ‘S’), and a mummy creates (zoinks!) a face.




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