Role Play

11 05 2010

Continuing the theme from last week, on intimate apparel, are three ads from the late 1950s for a most wonderful modern invention – the brassiere.  The first ad, by Formfit, greatly exaggerates the comfort of their product.  The blissed-out expression of the model seems better suited to an ad for, oh, let’s say chocolate, or the cooling effects of an electric fan.  Unless she just surprised her husband with something other than dinner, I don’t know what she could be so happy about.  The tagline “That Queen of the Nile Look” is a bit far-reaching considering that sans hairdo, makeup, and pose, nothing about the featured product is remotely Egyptian.  And then there’s that minor detail about ancient Egyptian breasts being bare more often than covered….Anyway, moving on to the next two ads, both from Maidenform and part of a series, we get a dose of even stronger fantasy.  In one, the tagline “I dreamed I played Cleopatra in my Maidenform bra” hovers over an exotically outfitted model reclining on leopard and tiger pelts.  The third ad, along similar lines, features another damsel also longing to break free from the daily grind.  Wearing a crown in the style of Nefertiti and surrounded by brilliantly hued ostrich plumes, she confesses “I dreamed I barged down the Nile in my Maidenform bra”.  Oh honey, haven’t we all!




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