Are My Seams Straight?

3 06 2010

To wrap up the lingerie advertising series, I present these two ads for Belle-Sharmeer hosiery, dating to 1955 and 1956.  Note the modern twist to the Egyptian imagery, rendered in a light, almost cartoon-like line.  The detail (note pleating of skirts) shows a method of drawing that was almost universal at that time for fashion illustration, regardless of the style of garment being featured.  So here, as in the ads featured in my previous lingerie posts, we have wonderful examples of advertising gold.  Cleopatra, or at least the fictionalized idea of her, is sexy.  Filmy, flimsy articles of clothing are sexy, even if sometimes restrictive.  Mix both together and POW! – you have one heck of an ad and sales figures to the moon.













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