If You Look Closely

10 08 2010

Ebay sucks your life, and your money, away.  A simple search term for “Egyptian” can result in thousands of listings for cotton sheets, cheap new glass perfume bottles, and items decorated with motifs that are actually Greek, Cambodian, African, or even American Indian.  But sometimes, an hour or two of scrolling through these disheartening results turns up a little gem like this photograph from the 1920s.  See the embroidered scarabs on the bottom of her dress and at the neckline?  That leather jacket isn’t too bad, either.




3 responses

10 08 2010
Danielle Euer

do you know where this photo was taken?

10 08 2010
Dr. Sphinx

Sadly, no. More people need to write on the backs of their snaps! (In pencil, please)

7 11 2010
Bob Stelton

I”ll share with my clients.

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