GI Joe Had a Mummy

9 09 2010

This neat accessory was sold as part of the 1970 “Secret of the Mummy’s Tomb” GI Joe Adventure Team set, (featured here in the original commercial). The pieces slide apart to reveal a plastic mummy – which is rather small, though, almost kid-sized next to Joe.












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31 10 2015

True story.

I attended a parochial school. One day my second grade teacher, Sister Bernadette, said that it was Art Day. We were to file to the front of the classroom, receive a piece of clay, return to our desks and make an objet d’art for our mothers for Mother’s Day. “And,” sister cautioned, “I better not see any ashtrays.”

So. Back at my desk and industriously working away, I felt the sting of the yardstick on the back of my head. “What did I say about ashtrays, Veronica?”

“It’s not an ashtray, sister. It’s a sarcophagus.”

And that became the first of many trips to the principal’s office.

P.S. It really was an ashtray. With an Egyptian hieroglyphics motif. For my grandfather who smoked Camels.

2 11 2015
Dr. Sphinx

That is spectacular! 🙂

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