A Feast Fit For a Pharaoh

11 12 2010

One disadvantage to not owning a car is the inability to visit lots of neat places unless you can beg or bribe your friends to play chauffeur.  For instance, The Pyramid restaurant in Wisconsin, which sits off Highway 33 in an expanse of cornfields like the victim of a tornado that was competing with Dorothy Gale’s.  Sadly, the current owners had to close in December of 2009 – here’s hoping they will be able to fire up the stoves once again in the not too distant future.




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15 12 2010

I can’t believe something like this lasted until 2009 and I STILL missed it. So….great…!! I love the tie wearing bartenders. You would think with such a heavy theme in the decor the employees would have to wear some kind of theme costume.

15 12 2010
Dr. Sphinx

Yes, costumes would definitely have taken it up a notch!

28 06 2012
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[…] that “It’s the first pyramid this side of the ocean” – not true.  The Pyramid restaurant in Beaver Dam, WI dates to the […]

9 09 2012

The Pyramid Supper Club. The bar area had been converted from turquoise to the darker Egyptian theme. Some of the interior walls were slanted because of the pyramid shape. Pink formica kidney-shaped cocktail tables.

The restaurant section was a mixture of banquettes and tables / chairs. Supper began with a ‘four story’ lazy susan relish tray (crudités with dipping sauces, cheeses, pickles, pickled herring, crackers, etc), small loaf of of warm, fresh bread with butter, garden salad, soup. In 2003, a whole roasted duck with asparagus and potato, dry gin martini, glass of wine, coffee and dessert was thirty dollars. Including tip.

My favorite waitress was George. She was an older farm woman. Really great person. I found this picture of her on the internet:

The photograph must have been taken shortly before the closing. The banquette has been reupholstered in a dark color and the napkins and tablecloth are not a heavy, starched, snowy white linen.

I remember one occassion when there was several tables of high school prom goers were awkwardly on their best manners.

A pretty wonderful place. I have nothing but good memories. Like stepping back into the 1950s. Unfortunately, supper clubs are a dying breed.

☮ ♡

10 09 2012
Dr. Sphinx

Thank you for sharing your memories and wonderful photo! This restaurant was such a fabulous place, I am hesitant to investigate further about the current status, fearing the worst. It would be devastating if it has been demolished or sold to an unsympathetic owner.

22 10 2015

The Pyramid still stands…and is currently on the market.

23 10 2015
Dr. Sphinx

Good news so far – hopefully a kindred spirit will purchase it and retain the kitsch!

22 10 2015

George was a sweetheart. She made my wedding cake!

21 10 2015

Long before my time ….. during nineteen—sixties, Pyramid waitresses did wear Egyptian-themed outfits:


22 10 2015
Dr. Sphinx

Oh wow! Thank you for adding this.

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