The Hotel Experience

30 01 2011

Once upon a time, hotels were glittering bubbles of luxury that could transport you to another place even if you weren’t on vacation.  Local residents dined there, attended dances, and met for drinks in the lounge.  Granted, these things still happen, but I’m talking about a time before rude waitstaff, carpet patterns that make you want to gouge your eyes out, and people wandering around publicly in their pajamas.  A time when after a morning of shopping you might pop in for an elegant lunch at the Egyptian Room in the Hotel Brunswick in Boston (image 1), or for tea at the Egyptian Court in the Eastland Hotel in Portland, Maine (image 2). Or dance the night away at the Hotel Bond amidst a backdrop of polychromed lotus columns (image 3).




2 responses

1 04 2013

I was wondering if you had an image of the backs of these postcards as well. Or better yet a date of when the image was “taken”. I am particularly interested in the postcard of the Brunswick.

1 04 2013
Dr. Sphinx

Hi Gary – these postcards are unused so there is no mailing date – thay also do not have a copyright date.

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