It’s Worth the Wait

26 02 2011

Some things never change… ….blue skies, gravity, women never being ready on time.  This VO5 shampoo ad from the 1980s promotes its product with a lengthy story about Cleopatra’s beauty rituals and an illustration of uncertain identity – is this Cleo?  If so, then why is she so attractive?  (If you’ve ever seen one of those ancient coins featuring her profile, you’ll realize that legend has veered slightly from reality).  The ad text makes such claims as, “Legend has it that while her suitors waited in the wings, Cleopatra performed her daily beautification rites,” and “She was known to have bathed in milk.  And, on her hair, she used something which still remains popular to this day.  Henna.”  Historical inaccuracy aside, Cleo’s physical issues certainly didn’t hold her back.  So guys, chillax.  We’re worth the extra primping time.




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