Clip These on for Size

23 04 2011

Costume jewelry has been produced by every culture during every period of history, but this form of ornamentation peaked during the 20th century.  Although some faux baubles could still be quite expensive, there were plenty of cheaper options available, so men and women could adorn themselves regardless of their income level.  Jewelry is arguably one of the best vehicles for introducing exotic themes into everyday life, and the recurring interest in Egyptian design was perfectly suited for adaptation through this medium.  Not only did ancient Egypt offer a wide array of motifs, but they could be easily be mass-produced by utilizing stamped and cast techniques.  The clip earrings pictured here were manufactured by Whiting and Davis, a firm established in 1896 and most famous for the sinuous metal mesh handbags they produced well into the 1900s before branching into jewelry design.  The earrings date to the 1950s and feature cast glass cabochons set in non-precious metal.




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