The Best Part of Waking Up

30 07 2011

In May of 1987,  Juan Valdez’s burro, Paco, got into the coffee beans.  Fueled by the desire for adventure and an intense caffeine high, he power-trotted to Egypt, bounced around for a few minutes, then worked off the remaining jitters by pounding a self-portrait (which nicely included Juan) into the face of a pyramid with his hooves.  An ad exec, visiting the pyramids early one morning, took a snapshot from atop his camel, and upon returning home, sent it off to his graphics department for development into this ad.  Sadly, due to the burro’s haste and his subsequent miscalculation of various structural components, the entire face of this pyramid slid off in a massive rock slide a day later, thereby erasing this magnificent work of art forever.




2 responses

9 08 2011
Danielle E.

You’re hilarious!

14 08 2011
Dr. Sphinx


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