The Other Grauman’s

7 08 2011

To most people, the phrase “Grauman’s Theater” refers to the Chinese-themed movie palace on Hollywood Blvd.  And although they are correct, it is unfortunate that this building is the one everyone knows about.  Even a Google search for ‘Grauman’s’  results in a majority of hits that also include the word ‘Chinese’.  As you have probably guessed by the theme of my blog, I am hardly going to write a post about something Asian.  No way.  I, dear reader, am going to write about Grauman’s other, earlier theater – the Egyptian.  Located just down the street from the Chinese Theater, the Egyptian Theater opened in 1922 – before King Tut’s tomb was discovered, but built during the hype of Carter’s search.  As was the case with most Egyptianizing buildings of that and other time periods, ancient themes were loosely interpreted in order to accomodate modern tastes and heighten the dramatic atmosphere required for a moving picture palace.  These postcards from the 1920s show the various details of the courtyard entrance, and the festively costumed ‘usherettes’.




One response

7 08 2011

Ah, only in La-La Land could one experience the ‘authentic’ Egyptian experience….without barely leaving home. Love it! Let’s just hope the films (?)went with the background….the “Perils of Pauline” might look a little jarring next to that Egyptian architecture!

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