Faster Than a Speeding Barge

15 08 2011

“Mark my words, Antony, Imperial Service is out of this world!”  This punny advertising headline is punctuated by a photo of a modern, hip and swinging Cleopatra winging her way to her lover du jour.  The text continues, “Here’s a lady who knows real luxury.  That’s why she’s flying Imperial Service – on North-
west Orient Airlines.  Who could ask for anything more?  You’ll be served tempting hors d’oeuvres…….
………treated to vintage Champagne.  And what menus!  They range from filet mignon to lobster tail to Cornish game hen.  On certain Imperial Flights there’s even an air-to-ground phone so you can talk to your friends – another luxury service pioneered by Northwest.  Your flight will be silken-smooth, too, thanks to Northwest’s all-weather radar.  So give wings to your heart!  Fly with Northwest Orient Airlines Imperial Eagle – mark of airborne quality.”




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