No, Really

26 02 2012

Remember my post about the Sinclair oil billboard poster I scored a few years ago?  Well guess what I just added to this corner of my collection?  An older version of the same ad, published in the 1924 publication Introduction to Advertising by Brewster & Palmer.  That’s right folks, ideas get recycled.  The boast in this ad is a bit more flamboyant than in the later billboard version, claiming that “One gallon of the powerful new Sinclair H-C Gasoline has enough energy, if fully utilized, to lift the Egyptian Sphinx 3 1/2 feet.  A recent automobile road test showed that the new H-C gives from 15% to 20% more smooth power.  Ask the Sinclair dealer for his ’99 Million Foot-Pound’ booklet.”




2 responses

26 02 2012

We could all use more smooth power, right?

28 02 2012
Dr. Sphinx


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