Butterfly Kisses

17 07 2012

This 1934 ad detail for Maybelline mascara draws a parallel between the modern woman and Cleopatra, who both shared a preference for deeply accented ocular orbs.  If the Cleo reference wasn’t enough to persuade the ladies to run to the nearest drugstore, then the phrase “modern Paris” and the following, rather unctuous, text surely would have clinched it:  “History records that Cleopatra’s greatest charm was the deep, dark beauty of her commanding eyes…eyes that were mirrored pools, their brilliant depths subtly enhanced with beautifully accented lashes.  Yet, with all her wealth and power, Cleopatra had only the crudest materials…How she would have revelled in having smooth, delightful Maybelline…the non-smarting, tearproof, utterly harmless mascara with which modern women instantly darken their lashes to the appearance of long, sweeping luxuriance.  Nothing from Paris can rival it!  Maybelline’s use by millions of women for over sixteen years recommends it to you!  Maybelline is now presented in a new ultra smart gold and scarlet metal case…in Black, Brown and the NEW BLUE.  Still 75c at all leading toilet goods dealers.”




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