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24 09 2012

Once upon a time, when winter winds blustered, those with disposable income headed to Egypt for a season of sun, sand, and scarabs.  Brochures like this beautifully illustrated one (c. 1900) assisted them in selecting an appropriate nest – most popular was Shepheard’s in Cairo.




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24 09 2012
Magical Effects of Thinking

I read Sisters of Sinai: How two Lady Adventurers Discovered The Hidden Gospels. And, I really enjoyed the descriptions of traveling to Egypt. They of course had money, but how they traveled back then was quite interesting. In some cases they brought enough stuff to set up a home or two with servants too. And, of course this wasn’t air travel but by ship and other means. These two ladies were pretty amazing. Good read.

24 09 2012
Dr. Sphinx

I can’t even imagine the tedium of travelling by ship! It gives ‘are we there yet?’ a whole new impact. (And I enjoy being on boats of any type.) Have you read the Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters? Historical fiction, but accurate since the author is an Egyptologist. A nice blend of adventure, wit, romance, crime, and hidden treasure.

24 09 2012
Magical Effects of Thinking

No. I will have to check that out sounds like a great mix.

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