Cute as a Button

1 10 2012

The button – a simple but ingenious bit of material to keep your clothes from falling off.  During the centuries that this little fastener has been around, it has been fashioned from various materials and become as ornamental and precious as jewelry.  The Victorian era produced some of the most fantastic pieces, as industrial processes allowed for more elaborate designs with the price-lowering effects of mass production.  These techniques were continued into the early 20th century although adapted to current aesthetics.  Here are two Egyptianizing designs from my collection – both with an obelisk theme.  Both are metal with embossed designs – the one on the left has a black wash to emphasize certain details and was probably made much later than the one on the right, which has a more formal feeling with the border and finely etched pattern in the background.




2 responses

1 10 2012
Magical Effects of Thinking

You don’t see that kind of detail on buttons much. I do like the one with the black wash so the detail can be seen. Wonder what the outfit looked like?

2 10 2012
Dr. Sphinx

I wonder too – really need to do more research on these so I can pinpoint the era they are from.

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