Breakfast of Champions

8 10 2012

Keep the Wheaties.  Pass me the Kamut Krisp, please!  Yum.  (Well, maybe not – this box is ten years old).  Full of fiber and other things that are good for me, plus a neat graphic of King Tut on the box.  Watch me conquer the day after eating breakfast the Egyptian way!




2 responses

8 10 2012
Magical Effects of Thinking

It’s funny it says No chemicals or pesticides. Shouldn’t that be the norm? Wasn’t there a mummy cereal, or maybe I’m thinking of Count Chocoula. If they still make Kamut Krisp I might have to get me some. Looks kinda good.

10 10 2012
Dr. Sphinx

Yummy Mummy cereal! I posted the commercial on my FB page a while ago:

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