22 10 2012


The internet is an amazing dimension.  A simple research project can lead to heart palpitations, squeals of delight, and a frantic search for your credit card.  Why yes, I am referring to a specific event that happened to me a couple of weeks ago – end result, this FABULOUS necklace, which is now MINE.  I am always happy to add modern pieces to my collection, and this neon acrylic and steel creation is a perfect example of how Egyptomania can be adapted to any style.  The designers, Garnet Griebel and Katie Miller, known collectively as Scarlett Garnet Jewelry, have many other awesome designs in addition to their Egypt Noir Line – which you can read about on their blog.  And when you’re done, visit their store and buy yourself something!  You deserve it.





4 responses

22 10 2012
Magical Effects of Thinking

I checked out their blog, I love the the Cleo Cameo necklace. We had the Tut exhibit here (Denver) last year would have looked smashing. I might need to treat myself anyway!

22 10 2012
Dr. Sphinx

Yes, yes you do! 😉

23 10 2012

Yes I can just see you wearing it with a fabulous blouse & walking like an Egyptian. Cool piece!

23 10 2012
Dr. Sphinx


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