Nicotine Bling

1 12 2012

In days past, people smoked with class.  I know, it sounds absurd to use the word ‘class’ in conjunction with such a disgusting, nihlistic habit.  But countless movies, television shows, and advertisments of the pre-1970 era depict the art of smoking: hands elegantly poised, men courteously lighting their female companion’s cigarette, and of course, all the related accessories.  Lighters of both pocket, purse, and tabletop variety; long enameled holders a-la Breakfast at Tiffany’s; fancy boxes for your coffee table; and even ornamental cases to carry your smokes in – because using the original carton was ever so tacky.  This example is an enameled copper ladies’ case, depicting the bust of Nefertiti, c.1960.

cigarette case




6 responses

2 12 2012

Nefertiti, the icon of beauty that she was, enticed my batchelor uncle to have a bust of her (a la ’50s) in his bedroom, just hanging out with the eclectic decor. Dusted her a lot of times & ended up selling her in a garage sale after he moved on. Her style just didn’t fit in with my style 😉 But then, a cigarette case is a lot more portable…

5 12 2012
Dr. Sphinx

I’m all for portable!

3 12 2012
Magical Effects of Thinking

Say what you will about smoking and I’m firmly entrenched in the It’s disgusting camp, but those old movies do make it look sophisticated. I love the whole ritual of it. The click of the case, the tapping, the sound of the match or the flick of the Zippo . The first inhale and the release. Yes, I was a smoker long time ago. So, I now get my kicks from old b/w movies!

5 12 2012
Dr. Sphinx

And the way the smoke added intrigue to the air. So moody.

14 12 2012
Will Bailey

I’m reading Breakfast at Tiffany’s right now. Wonderful book!

14 12 2012
Dr. Sphinx

Cool – I’ll have to read it as well, have only seen the movie.

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