…Look Out Stomach, Here it Comes

14 12 2012

“Do you eat?” queries this early 20th century ad for Pabst Malt Extract.  Yeah – I don’t know what this is/was either.  Being of an older vintage than today’s advertising, the answer is phrased more elegantly than “Duh”.  Apparently, not satisfied with making beer, or perhaps ridding themselves of excess ingredients, the Pabst brewing company offered the public a nourishing tonic that stimulated appetites and braced constitutions everywhere.  Or at least to those brave enough to try it.  Dubious marketing tactics aside, the graphics are particularly artistic and rendered in the classical style popular during that time period.
Pabst BR6-large




4 responses

15 12 2012

Pass the zythum, please!

18 12 2012
Dr. Sphinx


20 12 2012
Magical Effects of Thinking

I think I mentioned there is a new Egyptian (middle east) eatery in my town and now I find there is an Egyptian Export store. WTH? I was just there today and bought up some fun kid stuff for Christmas gifts. I’ve got a budding Egyptologist in tow. He loves your blog too, doesn’t really read it but enjoys the pics. I don’t really tell him what is going on in Egypt currently, it would be a little like bursting a lovely bubble.

22 12 2012
Dr. Sphinx

I agree – plenty of time to learn about political situations when he’s older. Glad he likes the pics, I’ll try to find more toys to post about. :p

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