Wherefore Art Thou, Caesar?

7 01 2013

Another selection from the golden era of pin-up – c. 1930 by Hy Hintermeister.  Cleopatra gazes off across the Nile, (apparently on a very hot summer’s night), perhaps dreaming and scheming about her next conquest. Notice the artistic license taken with the placement of the Sphinx versus the pyramids in the background, garlands of flowers, and contemporary hairstyle.





3 responses

8 01 2013

Uh….and the topless Nubian girl behind her, fan at the ready….

8 01 2013
Magical Effects of Thinking

Love it. And, the pale white skin. No doubt very authentic. But, I still love the colors of the image.

9 01 2013
Dr. Sphinx

Yes, color usage at this time was really stunning.

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