14 01 2013

The May 1919 issue of Judge magazine featured a colorful and witty cover illustration depicting an Egyptian maiden so attractively made up that she has caught the attention of…a dead guy!  Or, maybe it’s that she’s topless. That’s usually an attention-grabber.





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14 01 2013

What type of magazine was Judge? Women’s or maybe like a Vanity Fair? Never heard of it. This art work is awesome. If I was a graphic designer I would totally be studying the 20 and 30’s of advertising.

15 01 2013
Dr. Sphinx

It’s been a while since I looked through it, and it’s still in storage, but I think the content is more like Vanity Fair. I don’t think the cover art relates to any articles, so it’s intriguing to think what inspired the artist to draw that, and the editor to approve it.

14 01 2013

Reblogged this on Shoe Hoarder Susan Marlowe CPA and commented:
Really cute makeup humor.
-Susan Marlowe, CPA

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