Sphinx Tips

1 02 2013

Know-it-all Sphinxy strikes again.  These two details are from a 1922 novelty publication of mostly useless factoids, sure to impress your audience at the next social gathering.  The top detail, featuring a winged sun disc, graces the heading of each page, while the portrait of yours truly (not very accurate, if I may say so) appears on the cover.  Note the words “Trade Mark” next to the Sphinx’s base…I bet that little snippet trying to copyright the pyramids, what’s his name – Zahi Hawass – would be outraged by that. *blows raspberry*
Sphinx Tips-detail 2

Sphinx Tips-detail 1




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2 02 2013

Ah, love the winged page headers especially. (and Z.H.,Protector of All Egyptian Antiquities–I love it that he still clambers down into musty chambers & is a walking encyclopedia….)

3 02 2013
Magical Effects of Thinking

I see the date and think April 1922 so much going on in Egypt. Isn’t that when Carter found the tomb? I’m too lazy to wiki it. God, is that sad? She’s “too lazy to wiki it”. Ugh.

4 02 2013
Dr. Sphinx

Haha, I’ll match your sloth and raise you an ignoramous – I’m too lazy to check the date and too stupid to remember something that I ought to! ;p But I am pretty certain you are correct.

4 02 2013
Magical Effects of Thinking

Well, I haven’t laughed like that in awhile, which is kind d of sad that I get my laughs from cheeky blog comments. But, I did manage to rustle up some energy and I moved the mouse over and clicked into the google search box. Carter discovered the Tut tomb in November of 1922 and there was some other blah blah stuff but I got bored. Now, for a nap.

5 02 2013
Dr. Sphinx

🙂 Oh how I envy you your nap!!!!

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