The Ripples Have It

12 02 2013

I mentioned in an earlier post that I received the gift of toilet paper for Christmas.  Nope, it wasn’t a gag, or because I was naughty in 2012.  Nor was it a veiled hint like when you give someone a tin of mints.  My parents just happened to be in the right place at the right time and found a genuine unused roll of t.p. from 1924 in the original Egyptian themed wrapper.  People sell all sorts of stuff and thank goodness for me they do!!!  Isn’t it incredible that this item has even survived this long?  Eighty-nine years of survival against rodents, water, mold, and desperate visitors to the throne room.  The label text reads: “Nile Queen meets strict requirements for purity and cleanliness.  It is made of high grade materials.  It contains no harsh, gritty substance. It is downy soft in texture – pure white in color – and has a gently rippled surface which aids safe, complete, personal hygiene.  Because it is so soft and absorbent, Nile Queen can be used to remove cold cream and lip stick.  It can also be used as a disposable handkerchief in time of colds.”  If that wasn’t enough to convince timid housewives to ask their grocery clerk to grab a few rolls off the shelf for them (this was pre-shopping cart, folks), the label graphic certainly would have.  Cleverly working those ripples mentioned in the description into the design as the waves of the Nile, upon which sails Cleopatra in her barge, the image evokes a level of sophistication way over the top for selling something as basic and necessary as toilet tissue.  And yet, from an advertising standpoint, that may have been exactly the intent – feeding into the us vs. them mentality that most consumers suffer from.  Let the riff-raff buy the toilet paper that bears in the woods use – I’m going with the elegant stuff.
toilet paper




2 responses

12 02 2013
Magical Effects of Thinking

Pretty amazing it has never been used or gotten wet. Crazy the things we hold on to, but in your case it was a big win.

12 02 2013
Dr. Sphinx

Currently one of my Top 5 Favorite Collection Items. *big grin*

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