The Other Camel

23 02 2013

A brand by any other name would still sell the goods.  Well, no.  That’s not true.  Let’s pretend it’s 1929 or thereabouts – I definitley would have passed by these two products on the hardware store shelf if they were adorned with a panda, or a cartoon man made from inflated rubber, or even gamboling kittens.  Slap a pyramid on it (regardless of how far in the background it is placed), use a name already associated with famous smokes, and NOW you have my attention.  It wouldn’t even have mattered that my tube didn’t need patching, or that I have no clue what friction tape is.  I’m a woman – we’re allowed to make impulse purchases.
Camel tube patch   Camel tape box-small




5 responses

24 02 2013
Magical Effects of Thinking

That looks exactly like the Camel cigarettes camel. Even the font. Do you have an old pack of Camel cigs by chance?

25 02 2013
Dr. Sphinx

I have some old ads, and a cigar label, from Camel. All they did was reverse direction and play with the pyramid size. Pretty sneaky.

25 02 2013
Magical Effects of Thinking

They wouldn’t be able to get away with that now.

24 02 2013

Cuz those camels have lots of blow outs, hence the tube patch? Wow what a stretch! Apparantly no copyright infringement in the ‘good old days’ 🙂

25 02 2013
Dr. Sphinx

Advertising = creative license to the 10th power!

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