Tastes Like Sunshine

17 03 2013

Packaging used to be so elegant.  Even a utilitarian object such as a rough wooden crate used to transport produce was ornamented with a colorful label to further entice the buyer to try the delicious contents.  For example – the orange.  Once a rare treat in ye olde England, it became much more widely available by the 1940s in America – though not quite to the excess we enjoy today.  If you happened to be one of the few folks in the 40s who had not yet tried an orange, this fanciful label may have made you halt in your tracks at the fruit market and say to yourself, “Wow!  That looks exciting – I must have one!”  And, a few juicy mouthfuls later, you would be daydreaming of pyramids and polychromed temples shimmering in the hot desert sun.

-Sun Disk label-small




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18 03 2013

Ra Ra Ra !

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