24 03 2013

My name is Dr. Sphinx and I made this diorama for fun.  Also, to submit it to the 2013 Chicago Tribune Peeps Diorama Competition, because I missed it last year.  Funny story – there is NO 2013 competition!  Oh, the humanity. Apparently, between my lack of perception, and some Google cached information, I goofed.  Well I didn’t spend two late, late nights of cutting, measuring, and gluing not to toot my horn – so, *drumroll* I present to you: Cleopeeptra, the Temptress of the Nile!   

Looks like the only competition I won this year was the Dork Award.





6 responses

24 03 2013
D. Euer

Well done!!! I love it. The inscribed peeps on the building facade are a nice touch.

25 03 2013
Dr. Sphinx

Thanks! :p I wasn’t happy that the flash washed out lots of the detail – but you know, I was in a hurry to make that non-existent deadline, lol.

25 03 2013

Whhaat?! No Peeps competition? See, the world is going to hell. Cleopeeptra. Hee Hee. Well, you would have won.

26 03 2013
Dr. Sphinx

Thank you for your vote of approval! I think the Tribune owes me an explanation. They had the competition for several years, so why stop now??? *sigh*

27 03 2013

Glad to know what the details on the bldg were, I couldn’t make them out but could tell they were something….so clever! Send it to Peeps with your *sob* story, they may send you some free stuff, or you may be featured in an advert someday 🙂 (ya, you would’ve won, ‘peeps down’)

29 03 2013
Dr. Sphinx

Thanks 🙂

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