The Sands of Time

23 04 2013

This ad from the back of a 1970s newsletter features a time capsule with Egyptian details in 14 Karat gold. Only $125! And for $45 more, you can protect your time capsule under a glass dome with walnut base. Because, why would you want to bury such a lovely item? See how clever advertisers are? If you call it a trinket box, which is essentially what it would be used as, sales aren’t going to be nearly as aggressive as they would be for something radically awesome like a time capsule. The description tries too hard to push something that you should already be sold on: “What Price Immortality? Leave your footprints in the Sands of Time…A Personal Time Capsule…memories may stay alive thru time eternal…” Yeah – like future archaeologists are going to get all excited over discovering your yearbook photo, lucky socks, and mummified Twinkie. My favorite flourish, though, is the name of the material this little gem is made of: Tuff-tron.

time capsule ad




3 responses

24 04 2013

Should have been “Tut-tron” & I’ll take the gold Pharoah size please, cuz I’m not sure I can fit all my time-capsule-worthy stuff into the ‘pewter’ size….or can I? Hmmmmm…..

29 04 2013
Magical Effects of Thinking

Those tricky ad men. Make everything seem better than it is.

2 05 2013
Dr. Sphinx

Everything is better with a dash of gold!

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