Tall Tale

29 07 2013

Ann Sheridan book-smallHere is an item on my summer reading list.  Published in 1943, this novel features famous actress Ann Sheridan in a story geared for younger audiences.  Will she go to Egypt, or will the sphinx encounter occur elsewhere?  Just what exactly is this mysterious sign?  Will I bite my nails and cower under my blankets with a flashlight while tearing through the closing chapter?  Stay tuned!

8/13/2013  Finished.  And, sadly dissatisfied.  First of all, the Sphinx, despite the cover and various interior illustrations, is not that of ancient Egypt but rather a female Greek version.  Blech.  Add in the overly dramatic wording, potential love affair that never makes it off the ground (oh sure, he’s off to WWII), and the illustrations depicting an ever-beaming and perfectly posed Ann instead of an Ann reflecting fear or worry like the text describes, and this is one read that had me thanking my stars I wasn’t a young adult in the 40s.  Sheesh!




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31 07 2013

The waiting is keeping me on tenterhooks….!

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