15 08 2013

Before the ipad, there was the notepad.  This early twentieth century example is particularly arts-and-crafty.  Two sheets of copper were hammered for texture, given a black patina, and applied with various Egyptianizing decorative elements.  Instead of paper, notes were written in pencil (the original would have been a tiny metal tube with retractable lead) on three sheets of French ivory sandwiched inside the covers and attached at the top by a pin that allowed them to be fanned open or closed.  French ivory was a type of early celluloid – the glossy surface would have been easily cleaned of any irrelevant pencil notations to make way for future plans.  The loop at the top, which oddly is formed to look like a bow (a decidely non-Egyptian detail) indicates that this may have been attached to a chatelain or purse.





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