Everybody Wants to Rule the World

30 12 2013

As yachts go, there are tub toys…and then there are palaces.  According to this 1971 advertisement for the Huckins Fairform Flyer, Cleopatra would have cruised on a Huckins.  Because they make palaces.  Apparently, however, their marketing department wasn’t able to hire an equally superior artist for this ad.  Cleopatra was no beauty, but that sketch looks more like a drag queen impersonating a Viking warrioress being held captive in a harem.  To quote from the extensive ad copy: “But suppose, Cleo, you’d had a Huckins.  Any Huckins.  By comparison, the grandeur that was Rome would have paled into the realm of the commonplace.  Huckins luxury is incomparable, afloat or ashore, individually appointed to please the tastes and desires of the owners.  Whether for a day, a week or months of cruising, Huckins comfort enhances the pleasures of the most fastidious owners.  Yes Cleo, there’s no telling how far you could have gone with a Huckins.  You might have ruled the world.”

Huckins yacht-small




2 responses

31 12 2013

From the name it sounds as if they’re advertising a sled like Flexible Flyer…which I can just picture THIS Cleo riding on (from her facial expression)!

1 01 2014

Love those breast plates!

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