Advances in Technology

9 05 2014

First there was television.  Then there was color television.  Then…..color television with stereo sound!  I know, right?  Mind. Blown.  Or it was, back in the 1980s.  This ad from Panasonic announces: “Today, TV is on the threshold of a whole new era.  All the TV networks are going to be broadcasting TV in stero.  So, make sure your next color TV is ready.”  The 20″ Panasonic CTF-2077R has an integrated amplifier, decoder, and built-in stero speakers.  And, “As people move across the screen, so will their voices.  The effect is amazingly realistic.”
Kind of like those paintings where the eyes follow you…

Panasonic-small   Panasonic-detail




One response

10 05 2014

If it was so mind-blowingly futuristic, why wasn’t it a sci-fi theme? Hmmmm. I guess cuz “Egypt Rocks”!

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