Here, Kitty Kitty

10 08 2015

Forgive the flimsy paper of this recent 2015 issue of TV Guide, which allows the print on the reverse to bleed through when scanned. Usually the Franklin Mint is the object of my curled upper lip and raised eyebrow, but it appears that the Hamilton Collection is walking away with the prize this time for Tackiest Tchotchke. And I do mean that with the greatest affection. The smarmy, LOL, tongue-n-cheek commentary is the chip to the salsa of this ad, which I reproduce here (with some snark of my own): “Brilliant “golden” accents” (air quotes – classic); “Limited to only 95 days of production” (95 days too many); “Cleo-CAT-tra was the queen of them all, ruling over her subjects with an iron…paw.” (apparently they don’t think you’re clever enough to pick up on the puns without adding capitalization and italics…and they may be correct if you’re printing this out so you can mail in the order form…)





One response

10 08 2015

Would Cleopatra be impressed? She’d probably wonder who it was supposed to resemble….;)

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