Who is Dr. Sphinx?

Dr. Sphinx is neither doctor nor sphinx, just an average Jane from the suburbs of Chicago who has been bitten by the curse of ebay.  She has been researching the Egyptian Revival movement in architecture, and the Egyptomania phenomenon in American popular culture, since 1998.

This blog is dedicated to items from my collection.  For more exciting Egyptianizing tidbits, follow me on Vimeo.

12 responses

21 01 2012

A rather quirky but interesting blog you run! I like 😀

25 01 2012
Dr. Sphinx

Thank you! Quirky is good 😉

16 02 2012

Dr. Sphinx,
I know this must be a great celebratory holiday fest in your pyramid. Enjoy.

18 02 2012
Dr. Sphinx

Yes!!! Thanks for this.

20 03 2012

As a sphinx fan of long standing, I love this. Here’s the only relevant thing I could think of to give you in return: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shushmuckle/3579957042/

20 03 2012
Dr. Sphinx

Thanks! That’s a great piece. Sheet music from the ragtime era is one of my favorite categories to collect, not just for the graphics but the often goofy lyrics as well.

29 08 2012
Magical Effects of Thinking

I have a family member who is crazy about all things Egypt, especially vintage. I like to show him what you find. Thanks for the very different yet entertaining blog!

30 08 2012
Dr. Sphinx

Thank you! I hope you and your friend enjoy my future posts 😉

5 11 2014

Hi, really like this new resource on Egyptomania, being a private collector over many years ! I have a ‘library’ of photos uploaded to Photobucket, some Egyptianising buildings and items from my personal collection.


18 11 2014
Dr. Sphinx

Thanks for sharing! I just took a peek and you have some great items. I look forward to browsing through later.

7 04 2020
S. Brent Morris

The Scottish Rite Journal seeks permission to reprint your image of the Lawrence, KS, Masonic Temple.

8 04 2020
Dr. Sphinx


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