Fly Guy

27 02 2017

This enameled pendant probably belongs to the 1970s. There is a nice modernity to how the perspective of the headdress is flattened.


Best Foot Forward

21 01 2017

This advertisment was published in Vogue in 1963. Featuring Marquise shoes, the design emphasizes the shoes (offered in combinations of matte and shiny black fabrics) by using understated line art to establish the Egytpianizing theme – Cleopatra the seductress. Although, I’m pretty sure she only had sandals to wear…


Grateful Fashion

13 06 2016

This hieroglyphic tie is from the Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead collection. Rock on.



30 03 2016

This polyester shirt from the 1970s is patterned with ancient Egyptian maidens. The red, white, and blue coloring adds an unexpected pop to the extra-severe linear design. I might just have to bust this out for the Fourth of July.


Memories of a Far-Off Land

25 01 2016

This cute plastic pin featuring the Sphinx (with nose) and a pyramid is most likely a souvenir piece circa the 1940s.


Something Borrowed, Something Blue

28 12 2015

This new, costume necklace by Stella & Dot is called “Malta” but clearly is inspired by ancient Egypt.


Purr-fectly Timeless

26 10 2015

Cartier introduced their ‘les must’ collection c. 2009 – which featured modernized scarabs. See what I mean about Egyptomania being so random? Not necessarily always linked to major events, never mainstream, but ALWAYS popping up over and over again throughout our history.

Cartier ad-small

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