Enter if You Dare

7 08 2017

Here is a vintage post card view of the former Scottish Rite Temple in Mobile, Alabama, built in 1922. Very severe and monumental in design.

Mobile AL temple-small

The Secret Word Is…

28 01 2012

Two postcard views of the nifty Masonic Temple in Lawrence, Kansas,  c. 1900.  Definitely in the ‘trying-to-look-like-an-authentic-ancient-temple’ style.

Pimp My Lodge

9 07 2011

This early 1920s ad (detail shown) from the De Long Furniture Company must have had their phones ringing off the hook.  Velvet thrones, gilt podiums, winged scarab light fixtures – what self-respecting Grand Poobah wouldn’t want to trick out his lodge room with such dope furnishings?

A Friendly Game of Cards

5 03 2011

One of the greatest contributors of Egyptian themes in our culture are the various Fraternal organizations.  They wear fancy hats and jewelry, hold mysterious meetings in elaborately decorated rooms, and have merchandise made featuring their logos.  This playing card from about 1950 appropriately shows the ancient Sphinx, classic symbol of mystery, with a fez jauntily perched on its head, rendered in almost a comic book style of illustration and coloring.

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