Don’t Be Mine

13 02 2018

Happy Feel-Left-Out-if-You’re-Single Day! This Valentine card is probably from the 1940s, and just to be a tease I did not scan the interior. Complete the rhyme however you like! I just love how Egypt can be worked into the most arbitrary list of unrelated things.

-Valentine, sphinx-small


Good Manners are Timeless

19 10 2017

A clever 2014 cartoon by Scott Hilburn parodying one of our most beloved modern sayings.

Argyle Sweater comic - mummy_small

Queen Kitty

14 10 2014

Here is my Halloween card this year. Thanks, mom and dad! Thanks, designers at Party Animals Recycled Paper Greetings!

cat card

Mr. Jack Meets the Mummy

25 08 2014

This 1906 postcard features a clever illustration of Mr. Jack, then-famous cartoon character created by Jimmy Swinnerton – a cartoonist whose history you can read about here; during the Mr. Jack years, he worked for the New York Journal. Here, Mr. Jack is shown with an animated mummy case and the witty phrase, “Should auld acquaintance be forgot?”

Mr. Jack postcard

2000+ Candles

14 07 2014

133_smallHere is a fabulous birthday card (exterior and interior views) from the 1960s (post Liz Taylor’s depiction of Cleopatra) – I assume sent from brother to sister, as opposed to boyfriend-with-the-unfortunate-nickname-of-Bud to his gal pal.  Appropriately, late.  But at least he remembered to get a card.



Mind Your Manners

10 03 2014

You’re never too old to be reminded of the niceties of human interaction.  Regardless of your state of preservation.

Mummy cartoon


24 03 2013

My name is Dr. Sphinx and I made this diorama for fun.  Also, to submit it to the 2013 Chicago Tribune Peeps Diorama Competition, because I missed it last year.  Funny story – there is NO 2013 competition!  Oh, the humanity. Apparently, between my lack of perception, and some Google cached information, I goofed.  Well I didn’t spend two late, late nights of cutting, measuring, and gluing not to toot my horn – so, *drumroll* I present to you: Cleopeeptra, the Temptress of the Nile!   

Looks like the only competition I won this year was the Dork Award.


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