Skin Deep

1 03 2016

Crayola did it again! Another ancient Egypt themed product (from 2013). “Tomb tones for artists wrapped up in their work.” Ha ha. Let’s get the coloring books out.



Color Me Happy

13 01 2016

This is a box of ancient Egypt Minion crayons.
“But, the colors aren’t historically accurate” you say?
I think you are missing the point.
Read the first sentence again.
There you go.


Barbie Has the Answers

18 11 2014

“Hi, everybody! Did you know camels can go for 3 or 4 days without drinking water?!”
Why no, Barbie, I didn’t! That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing. Do you know any other neat facts about camels?
“A thirsty camel can drink 30 gallons in ten minutes!”
No way! Am I glad I picked up this edition of your comic book series.

Barbie comic interior-large

WABAC in Egypt

29 05 2014

Mr. Peabody + Pharaoh + bobble head +  McDonald’s =  Cool Desk Accessory
Mr. Peabody Pharaoh

Playing Cleopatra

7 04 2012

The following images are details of a Cleopatra costume c. 1960.  Made from durable linen, it is printed with a mash-up of motifs.  Looks like the secret to Sphinxy’s great hair has been revealed!  Is there anything those crafty Egyptians didn’t invent?






Let My People Go

2 01 2012

Here is a nice children’s puzzle from the 1940s, depicting the famous Bible story of baby Moses being found by his new mommy, Pharaoh’s daughter.  I’m not sure what’s on her head, or why she’s wearing Wonder Woman armbands…the maiden in the water looks like an extra from an Esther Williams movie rather than a native Egyptian, but the temple in the background looks authentic.

May I Refill Your Cup?

10 09 2011

In today’s world of plastic toys and the out-of-control monsters that smash them around and call that ‘play’, it is difficult to imagine a time in which children were entrusted with fragile, lovely and special possessions.  This tea set, made in Japan during the 1920s, is a reminder of such times.  Delicate, emblazoned with pyramids and other symbols of a magical far-away land, it has passed unscathed from countless young owners to this much older, but no less appreciative one.

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