Historical Background

Why Egyptomania?  I mean, come on, there’s a myriad of other things I could have decided to collect – Sea Monkey kits, porcelain teeth samples, potato chips that look like famous people – but no, I got stuck with this.  It’s difficult to determine exactly where to place the blame, though.  I was a grad student, enjoying a newly acquired sense of relief in having finally selected a thesis topic, when I decided one day to spend my lunch break poking around the art museum.  A small side gallery used for rotating exhibits held a selection of black and white photographs, all featuring the most intriguing Egyptian Revival buildings.  That afternoon I consulted with my professors and did some cursory research to determine if there was enough material out there for me to squeeze fifty pages out of (yes, I know, big deal, but I hate the writing process – it might as well have been five hundred pages) and….the die was cast.

Perhaps what I appreciate the most about this style is that it simply can NOT be pigeon-holed into nice neat categories with crisp explanations.  Everyone knows about the King Tut craze; most people also are aware of the Victorian-era movement – but there is so much more between, before, and after.  And all of it is colorful, fun, and spirited.

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