Stuck for Life

23 07 2015

I love the modernity of this c. 1940 ad for the Arabol Manufacturing Co. Rays branch out from a distant sphinx head, and showcase products from many well-known brands who used this company’s adhesives for their packaging: Bacardi, Corona, Polident, Philip Morris…

Arabol adhesives ad-small

An Homage to Progress

11 04 2010

Ladies, I sure do hope you realize how lucky you are to live in a society where you can light up and puff away without fear of  causing a scandal.  In the  mid 1980s Virginia Slims capitalized on this freedom  with these two ads.  The contrast of their slogan “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby” mirrored against Victorian taboo works nicely in this first ad, where the inset reads “While on a 1908 museum tour with her husband, Mrs. Celestia Kohl forgot herself and lit up a cigarette. She quickly found herself all wrapped up in Egyptian history.”  The second ad’s reference to ancient Egypt is more general, referring to the many tasks women performed in ancient times.

Straight From the Sphinx’s Mouth

5 04 2010

For some reason, people just can’t resist replacing the Sphinx’s head with…other heads.  Consider these two ads, each promoting a different food manufacturer.  The first, which dates to the 1920s, tries to convince the impressionable buyer that Campbell’s soup is a fabulous addition to any menu.  The sphinx, which bears an odd and random resemblance to George Washington, is relaying a message to the cute little Campbell’s Soup Girl, who translates for the reader via a poem: “You said something, good old Sphinx, To free us from a daily jinx! For Campbell’s soup served every day, Means lots of trouble cleared away!”  Pretty convincing, despite the oxtail flavor being featured.  The second ad, for Green Giant, (c.1950) unfortunately uses that character’s head on the Sphinx – and you know what?  I just realized the Green Giant used to look a lot scarier than he does today.  And really, what does this have to do with corn niblets???

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