Don’t Be Mine

13 02 2018

Happy Feel-Left-Out-if-You’re-Single Day! This Valentine card is probably from the 1940s, and just to be a tease I did not scan the interior. Complete the rhyme however you like! I just love how Egypt can be worked into the most arbitrary list of unrelated things.

-Valentine, sphinx-small

Armchair Traveler

18 09 2017

The end of the Victorian era produced numerous travel journals by both scholars and Joe Adventurer, all equally suspect in terms of veracity but at least full of interesting imagery and bound in eye-catching covers. This example, Our New Way Round the World, by the colorfully surnamed Charles Carleton Coffin, was published in 1887. It is not exclusively about Egypt, but iconography from the land was chosen for the cover art. As usual, “artistic” license was taken with some, though not all, illustrations.

Skin Deep

1 03 2016

Crayola did it again! Another ancient Egypt themed product (from 2013). “Tomb tones for artists wrapped up in their work.” Ha ha. Let’s get the coloring books out.


Barbie Has the Answers

18 11 2014

“Hi, everybody! Did you know camels can go for 3 or 4 days without drinking water?!”
Why no, Barbie, I didn’t! That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing. Do you know any other neat facts about camels?
“A thirsty camel can drink 30 gallons in ten minutes!”
No way! Am I glad I picked up this edition of your comic book series.

Barbie comic interior-large

WABAC in Egypt

29 05 2014

Mr. Peabody + Pharaoh + bobble head +  McDonald’s =  Cool Desk Accessory
Mr. Peabody Pharaoh

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