This Old Thing?

28 06 2017

-003-smallAnother vintage dress from my collection – hieroglyphs and female figures, including Hathor, in a black, olive/gold, and white colorway. A relaxed fit with casual open neckline above fabric-covered buttons, empire waist, and front slit at bottom. Reminiscent of Paganne, but there is no label so I assume it was a successful home creation. Alas – not my size.



Grateful Fashion

13 06 2016

This hieroglyphic tie is from the Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead collection. Rock on.


I Spy…

27 10 2014

Theatrical arts are always more enjoyable when you can spy on your fellow audience members with your opera glasses. This pair is on the lower end of the cost spectrum, but they are embossed with an ancient Egyptian scene of various figures, offering tables, and hieroglyphs.

opera glasses

Arm Candy

5 08 2014

Not all products manufactured in China these days are bad for you. This purse, a souvenir gifted to me by a college friend in 2000, adds pizzazz to any outfit, regardless of lead content. The bronzed plastic exterior is embossed with Pharaohs, chariots, and hieroglyphs that perhaps spell out an incantation against would-be purse snatchers.

purse China  purse China-detail

Punny Wisdom

8 03 2013

This is a postcard from the early 20th century, one in a series that includes this former entry.

postcard, Secrets-small

Library Love

17 12 2010

The Chicago Public Library, in 2006, took a creative approach to encourage children to put down their video games and pick up a book.  The posters and ads used for this campaign were a playful mix of ancient Egyptian and modern iconography, with the clever tagline “Wrapped up in Reading”.  How many Chicago-related ‘hieroglyphs’ can you find?

Hi Mom!

9 09 2010

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