Luck of the Draw

27 12 2018

These never used playing cards are a promotional advertising item from the Egyptian Finishes company, of which I can’t find much info. Most likely they were similar to the Egyptian Lacquer Manufacturing Company.


22 08 2011

Companies used to offer nifty premiums to their customers as a clever advertising ploy.  Long after their magazine ads were crumpled into the trash bin, cereal bowls, thermometers, toys, and other useful objects emblazoned with the company logo survived to indoctrinate neighbors and friends.  These playing cards, for example,  with their bold coloring and contrast between the desert heat of the Sphinx’s homeland and the efficiency of the machine created to keep your niblets well chilled would have gone a long way in boosting icebox sales for General Electric, flashing their imagery during rounds of bridge or gin rummy.

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