Don’t Be Mine

13 02 2018

Happy Feel-Left-Out-if-You’re-Single Day! This Valentine card is probably from the 1940s, and just to be a tease I did not scan the interior. Complete the rhyme however you like! I just love how Egypt can be worked into the most arbitrary list of unrelated things.

-Valentine, sphinx-small



9 01 2018

This short-sleeved summer shirt is covered in an invented hieroglyphic pattern. Courtesy of the designers at Claiborne, c. 1990-present day.


Christmas Greetings

22 12 2017

Circa 1940

Christmas card RE3-small

Have a Coke With…

1 11 2017

Sometime around the 1960s, Coke promoted their soda with decorative caps featuring various famous people, including Cleopatra. Refreshing!

Coke bottle cap_small


Good Manners are Timeless

19 10 2017

A clever 2014 cartoon by Scott Hilburn parodying one of our most beloved modern sayings.

Argyle Sweater comic - mummy_small

Armchair Traveler

18 09 2017

The end of the Victorian era produced numerous travel journals by both scholars and Joe Adventurer, all equally suspect in terms of veracity but at least full of interesting imagery and bound in eye-catching covers. This example, Our New Way Round the World, by the colorfully surnamed Charles Carleton Coffin, was published in 1887. It is not exclusively about Egypt, but iconography from the land was chosen for the cover art. As usual, “artistic” license was taken with some, though not all, illustrations.

Enter if You Dare

7 08 2017

Here is a vintage post card view of the former Scottish Rite Temple in Mobile, Alabama, built in 1922. Very severe and monumental in design.

Mobile AL temple-small

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