Memories of a Far-Off Land

25 01 2016

This cute plastic pin featuring the Sphinx (with nose) and a pyramid is most likely a souvenir piece circa the 1940s.


Color Me Happy

13 01 2016

This is a box of ancient Egypt Minion crayons.
“But, the colors aren’t historically accurate” you say?
I think you are missing the point.
Read the first sentence again.
There you go.


Something Borrowed, Something Blue

28 12 2015

This new, costume necklace by Stella & Dot is called “Malta” but clearly is inspired by ancient Egypt.


In a Pickle

16 12 2015

Heinz created this colorful, full-page newspaper ad to convince women that pickles would make them pretty and keep them skinny. References to famous women of history, including Cleopatra, who reputedly benefitted from their qualities, are included as proof that this really works. The jury is still out; but in the meantime, a chip or spear or two certainly can’t hurt…


I Know What I Know – Or Do I?

30 11 2015

This small calendar is an advertising sample from 1921 for the Bank of Warren in the towns of Warrenton and Norlina in North Carolina. The colorful Egyptian imagery of sphinx, winged scarab, and lotus blooms is paired with a head-scratching adage. The bank’s self-description states: “This bank extends courteous and liberal treatment to every depositor, whether the account be large or small. This policy is the reason for our daily growth in strength and public favor. We pay 4 per cent on savings accounts.”


Want to See My Stamp Collection?

16 11 2015

This vintage matchbook cover includes a coupon for 110 foreign stamps – “a treasure of unusual shapes, weird designs, dramatic subjects – ferocious beasts, native headhunters, strange outer space stamps…many more.” Sounds groovy, and I appreciate that they included the sphinx as their graphic of choice, even though they placed it in Nubia.



2 11 2015

A falcon, or possibly a depiction of Horus, graces the cover of a souvenir booklet from the 1933 World’s Fair.

World's Fair 33 souvenir book-small


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